MidiMountain is a MIDI sequencer aimed to edit standard midi files. The easy to use interface should help even beginners to edit and create midi songs (sequences) with this application. For professionals, MidiMountain is designed to edit every definition known to standard midi files and the midi transfer protocol.
From easy piano roll editing to changing binary system exclusive messages, MidiMountain is complete and usable for every midi user.

Here a list of options and functions:

User Interface
Languages Choose GUI language
MIDI Devices Select MIDI devices

Sequence (Song)

Name Name of the midi sequence
Running Status [ Use | Don't use ] running status
Use note off Use [ "note on" | "note off" ] as note off
Resolution Set ticks per 1/4 note
Set Offset time type SMPTE/MTC or internal
Midi files Load and save standard midi files 1 (single track) and 2 (multi track)


Name Name of the midi Track
Instrument Name Name of Instrument
Preferred Midi Channel Preferred midi channel for editing and recording
Patch Name 1st Patch change of track

Midi Events
Channel Midi channel of event
Time Time of event
Notes Duration and pitch
Program changes Patch change
Controller Type and Values
Aftertouch Single and poly
Pitch bend Bend range of channel

Editing Options
Track Main view of the whole song
Piano Roll View with events of selected tracks
Event List Filtered list view of selected tracks
Controller Edit controller in a graphic view
Staff View the sequence as notation
Markers Set markers in the song
Cue Points Edit cue point list
Tempo Change tempo map graphically
System Exclusive Edit save/load system exclusive in formation
Time Signatures Edit time signatures at any point
Key Signatures Edit key signatures at any given point